How to choose your pedalboard: we talk about the core components that you MUST consider. Size & Style, Power Supplies, Patch Cables & Pedalboard Case options.

  1. SIZING: Step 1 is ALWAYS….Determine the size of pedal board usable space needed! We want to get you dialed in with the right size, so by arranging your guitar effects on a table is the first step! Make sure to allow enough space for the DC power cables used to power the pedals & also the patch cables themselves. It’s a good idea to set up your first board using 2 rows worth of pedals or in a single row format if you are using a small number of pedals. If you want more assistance with this topic, we wrote a detailed explanation to assist further.
  2. PEDAL BOARD STYLING: WOOD, TWEED , TOLEX, Icon Series(High end guitar paint): We offer multiple different styles ranging from gorgeous solid wooden pedalboards, high glossed mirror finish guitar paint and many styles of tweed and tolex wrapped options identical to the coverings found on your favorite amplifier brands like MESA Engineering, Fender, Two-Rock and Gibson. All our boards come standard and loaded with the most popular features we offer, so its easy to know you’re investing in high-end pedalboard gear.

  • ELECTRONIC FEATURES: Each board comes with a very useful set of electronic features that not only look good, but provide excellent functions! Your instrument plugs into the side input jack that has a soldered cable that plugs into the first pedal. Similarly, it has an output jack and cable used to connect the last pedal to your amplifier. It also comes with our vintage styled AC power harness. This is used to plug in the wall power to the board, in turn allowing the lamp and silver toggle switch to control the ON/OFF function easily without unplugging the board from the main AC power cable. The vintage styled jewel lens is simply an indicator to show that there is electrical current powering your pedalboard, power supply and pedals!
  • POWER SUPPLY: notice we talked about this in the above statement. A power supply is essentially a device that feeds each of the pedals you have, proper current and voltage to allow optimum performance. There are many types and brands of power supplies on the market and we ALWAYS recommend using quality power supplies. (In Depth power supply guide) We sell Strymon and True Tone brand supplies, but there are many fine companies that can sell you a power supply that will be compatible with your new West Coast Pedalboard. You can tell if it is compatible by looking at the main AC power input connection of your pedal power supply and confirming it is a C14 Inlet type. We also need to physically install the power supply to the board, so depending on your type and brand, we may offer a mounting bracket or kit to affix that to your new board.If you need help choosing a power supply, even if its not one we offer or carry in house, email or call in for assistance.
  • PATCH CABLES: a main component to every guitar pedalboard are the cables that connect each pedal to the next and so on. You will need one cable to connect each pedal to the next, we make patch cable kits in 6 packs or sold individually if you would like to have the option of different length cables. The 6 packs are useful when all your pedals require one size of cable, or many pedals use the same length cable. Choose the custom size option when you have pedals that require different sizes. These will ship along with your pedalboard order and can help to create true turn-key solution! Use the links in this category to see more info about our quality patch cables.
  • CASES: we make 3 types of pedalboard cases. Depending on what your doing with the pedalboard, determines what if any case type you need. If its gonna sit at home or in a studio situation like mine does, then a case may not be necessary. If you plan to travel with it between friends houses for local jam night, or light local gigging, take a look at the pro series gig bag/soft case. If you plan to travel a bit more with it, our standard hard cases are sweet! Designed tough and aesthetically pleasing! If you travel a bunch, or plan for air travel and checking the board is your option, our light, but heavy duty road case is the right option!
  • ADDITIONAL USEFUL ACCESSORIES for PEDALBOARDS :WAH PLATES, VELCRO, CLAMP KITS these are all components that can assist in simplifying the installation process.