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Greetings, thank you for browsing our pages.

We started off in 2012 as a custom shop, building 1 off creations for musicians all over the world. We noticed a trend of requested features and we created a “standard line” offering in 2018, including the most requested “custom options” we offered.

If you want to add a few extra features to any of our standard line features, we can usually do that! I will usually ask you to be in touch with us prior to ordering so we can answer any questions you may have prior to placing the order. Once we are both on the same page, we will usually have you buy the standard product from our shopping site, then invoice you after that for the custom requests. If there are many custom requests, we will create a custom invoice outlining and specifying the requested add-ons.

Sizing & General Info

Angled Board General Info

  • The pedal board base price is determined by the Size and Frame type you choose: Tolex, Tweed or Hardwood
  • Many types of tolex frame coverings are included in the base price, and some are an additional charge
  • 4 standard tolex angled pedal board sizes; 12″X18″&24″ and 16″X28″&34″.  We use 1/2″ frame materials so subtract 1″ from the length and width to calculate total usable space.  EG: 16″X28″ is 15″X27″ of usable space.  ***Some pedals can be placed onto the frame for more usable space.****
  • Custom sizes ARE obviously available!
  • Our Standard Line Hardwood Series are also available in those same sizes.  We offer various hardwood types for our Standard Line: Walnut, Sapele, Zebra, Flame Maple and Padouk.  Custom Sizes and Species are definitely available.  These frame widths are typically .75″ so you will need to subtract 1.5″ from the overall dimension to find your usable space.  EG:12X24 = 10.5″X22.5″ worth of usable space.  ***As with our tolex boards, pedals can be placed onto the frame for more usable space.****
  • Custom sizes ARE obviously available!
  • Our exclusive pedalboard deck material, Super Loop is a velcro type product that does not frizz or wear out (included)
  • The underside of all wedge shaped pedal boards decks are painted flat black (included)
  • Tolexed products feature Latvian birch ply frame with reinforcing bracketry for superior durability (included)
  • High strength Latvian birch ply pedal board deck (included)
  • Angled boards come with a variety of cable access slats that provide more than enough areas to run and manage power and patch cables (included)
  • Rack handles for easy maneuverability (included)
  • High quality non slip rubber feet included (included)
  • West Coast Pedal Board logo plate in silver and black (included)
  • All materials used are of the highest quality; chosen for quality not price points.  No compromising, ever!
  • All products that leave our shop are quality checked down to each screw
  • West Coast Accessory Kit (included)
  • West Coast Pedal Board Warranty (included)

Flat Series General Info

  • The flat series pedal board base price is determined by the size and tolex you choose
  • Many types of tolex frame coverings are included in the base price, and some are an additional charge
  • Choose one of our three Standard Flat board sizes; 12″X18″,24″ or 30″ – subtract 1″ to calculate the usable velcro space.  EG 12″X18″ = 11″X17″ total usable space
  • Custom sizes ARE available
  • Tour grade foam surrounds the interior frame of the bottom part of the case(the “board” section) and covers the entire surface area of the top case (included)
  • Optional velvet can be applied to the foam when ordering a custom shop flat series
  • Our exclusive pedalboard deck material, Super Loop is a loop style velcro product that does not frizz or wear out (included)
  • All tolexed products feature Russian birch ply with reinforcing bracketry for superior durability (included)
  • The Flat Series Board feature lift off hinges (remove the top part of the case and the bottom of the case is the pedal board) (included)
  • Chrome brief case latches (included)
  • High quality non slip rubber feet (included)
  • West Coast Pedal Board logo plate in silver and black (included)
  • West Coast Accessory Kit (included)
  • West Coast Pedal Board Warranty (included)

Pedalboard Case General Info

  • We have 3 types of high quality USA made cases: Gig Bag Style, Light Duty Hard Cases (Tolex or Tweed coverings), and road ready super duty
  • The pedalboard case base price is determined by the size
  • The standard sizes we have across all of our boards, directly correspond to the size of each of our case styles, assuring a perfect fit, every time.  If you order a custom size board the case will be built to fit that size perfectly as well.
  • All materials used are of the highest quality; chosen for quality vs price points.  No compromising, ever!
  • All products that leave our shop are quality checked meticulously
  • West Coast Pedal Board Warranty (included)

Pedalboard Deck & Cable Slats

Super Loop Deck Top

Our Super Loop pedal board deck top material is unlike most other “velcro” style products. Ours doesn’t loose grip, frizz or fray, it holds pedals super tight and is included on all Standard Line West Coast Pedalboards.  Its a low profile material that not only looks killer, but works great.  It’s the most popular way to secure pedals as it accepts the hook side of velcro found on most pedals.

Dual Lock Deck Top

The Dual Lock Deck is a clean black plastic top that looks clean and works specifically with Dual Lock and similar type fasteners.  Typically, the same adhesive backed material will be used on the pedalboard deck top and the back side of the pedals.

Cable Access Slats

Our angled boards include a standard format and pre-configured array of access slats for each size board we make.  These slats make it simple to route power and patch cables neatly to their chosen locations; extremely handy when moving, replacing pedals or adding new gear to the board.

Cable Access Slats – Custom

Does your installation require specifically placed cable access slats, holes, or cutouts? We can help! The process is simple and super technical.  Grab a piece of construction paper cut to the exact size as your board deck, then mark your slats/hole locations.  Slats are 3/4” wide, and should be no longer then half the size of the pedalboard deck.  All holes will be drilled at 7/8”.

***Tolex boards, leave .5″ or space around the entire border. Hardwood boards, leave .75″ on the player and audience sides***

Tolex / Tweed / Multi-Tone

Tolex and Tweed

Our Custom Shop has a large selection of tolex choices and various styles of tweed frame and case coverings. These materials are widely used in the finishing of amp heads, cabs, combo units, and… pedal boards!


2 & 3 Tone possibilities are possible with our huge selection of textiles. This is where we can really create with the endless design possibilities, creating a truly Custom & personalized rig.

  • Cording will be required to separate tolex or tweed color changes. The cording comes in White, Black, Silver or Gold. Cording creates a smooth transition between materials and adds a layer of custom to each pedalboard build.
  • We can arrange materials and create a multi-tone scheme that show striking and unique combinations of tweed and tolex materials. There are also options for using cording channels to separate a mono color of tolex or tweed for a very simple & clean breakup of a single color.

Cording & Piping

Cording, or piping is thin vinyl, we use it for most multi-tone or segmented boards and case work. Its a clean transition method used to join 2 different or identical materials together.  Also very classy used on solid color scheme projects for accents and pin-striping.  It comes in black, white, silver or gold.

Hard, Soft, & Exotic Wood Boards


  • Half blind dove tail joinery
  • Kiln Dried
  • Timbers milled to a super strong 3/4″ thickness
  • Hand Rubbed Oil, Coloring and Lacquer Finish Options
  • Customizable Input & Output port options

Popular Species

  • Flamed, Birdseye & Curly Maple
  • Mahogany
  • Sapele
  • Padauk
  • Cherry
  • Ash
  • Teak
  • Zebra
  • Goncalo Alves
  • Walnut – Eastern Black & California

Audio & Power

Side ports streamline your rig, simplify setup and teardown and minimize wear and tear of pedals.  We offer every option available to accommodate the needs of all levels and types of music creators.


The most common Input / Output selections are AC power ports and 1/4″ instrument connections.  Any type of signal route and interface are easily possible using side mount jack ports.  Connections such as XLR, 1/4″ Instrument, USB, MIDI and Ethernet can be installed to your board.


The most popular AC inputs are the 5-15 IEC connector and male Edison flanged inlet.  The IEC is most popular because it accepts a computer style power cable, where the Edison inlet requires an extension cord type.

Regardless of  power connection type you choose, we install the proper pigtail that plugs into your power supply.

Indicator Lamps


Indicator lamps are not only a stylish addition, but also provides a classic visual signaling power is running to the board and all the gear connected to it. Choose your favorite color lens while operating at either 110/120V or 210/250V.  The harness will work at both voltages, but the bulb is different for each voltage application.

Pedal Power Devices

Pedal Power Supplies

Quality power supplies are an important element in a smooth running pedalboard; isolated, filtered and regulated power help the pedals perform to their engineered level. All power supply sales include installation when purchased with a board.

If you are uncertain of which power supply you need, please call in with, or email us your list of pedals you have, or plan to have and we’ll tell ya what will work.

We sell and recommend Voodoo Lab and Strymon, primarily for reliability, true power output isolation and customer service/warranty in the rare case of need of support.

All of our angled boards(including the Angled Little Rock) have plenty of access and space to mount pedal powering devices and other gear to the bottom of the board. Our Flat Series are also compatible, simply mount the power supply anywhere on the top deck surface.


We have 3 types of cases for your West Coast Pedal Board.  Please see the options and images below to find the perfect protection and transportation method for you!

Soft Cases – Gig Bags

The detail, finished quality, long standing durability and optional features of these soft padded case’s make it apparent this is not your typical gig bag.  These beauties are hand made in Northern California to our spec.  When you order one, you will know that its going to fit your board perfectly.

  • Made with tough 1000 Denier Nylon Canvas on the outside and thick quilted padding on the inside to cushion and protect your gear (included)
  • Heavy duty top quality zippers that glide open and close with ease (included)
  • Webbed padded handles and a padded shoulder strap are standard (included)
  • Double Padding: The interior padding is a polyester fiber fill which is quilted to a soft, nylon lining. Our lining is guaranteed not to bleed color on your pedal board. Most single pad is approximately 3/8″ (.95 cm) and the double padding here is approximately 3/4″ (1.9 cm);INCLUDED
  • Zippered front pocket (included)
  • Black or Brown Exterior Color (included)
  • Made In the USA

Light Duty Hard Case

Our hard cases are customizable and are great for the player who gigs locally and needs a bit more protection then the gig bag. Choose from a variety of optional velvet interiors, personalized Logo plates, handle options, a mobility package, multi tone tolex/tweed options and more…

  • Tolex/tweed frame coverings are included in the base price, and some are an additional charge
  • Russian birch ply with reinforcing bracketry for superior durability (included)
  • All cases feature lift off hinges for quick removal of the top part of the case (included)
  • Precision designed interior locks the board into place once the case is closed (included)
  • Tour Grade plank foam lines the ENTIRE interior of the case (included)
  • High quality non slip rubber feet (included)
  • Made in the USA

Road Case

Road cases offer the greatest level of protection and durability.  If your traveling with gear constantly, these cases are the ideal level of protection.  They will take a beating while keeping expensive gear safe.

  • Road and Flight ready (included)
  • Flight panel construction equals a lighter and stronger case vs plywood (included)
  • Tour grade foam protects the board, pedals and all accessories inside the case (included)
  • Light weight aluminum extrusions for maximum strength and durability (included)
  • Heavy duty handle(s) (included)
  • OPTIONAL – Velvet interior for high style and protection for hardwood boards
  • OPTIONAL – Luggage style retractable handle and corner castors for easy mobility
  • Made In the USA

Case Interiors

Velvet | Paisley

  • Velvet colors “shimmer” when viewing live
  • Optional add-on for our Flat Series boards, Light Duty hard cases & ATA Flight Cases
  • Colors can be unavailable sometimes
  • Wood boards going in any hard case requires velvet lining; it provides needed protection while in transport
  • Other materials can be used for a case lining, extra charges will apply
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