We are the only company to offer fully complete hardwood, tweed and tolex pedalboard kits.  These things are badass and include everything needed to build a board that looks just like our hardwood, tweed and tolex pedalboard lineup. Please note, that if you want a specific size and/or even a different wood specie or tolex pattern, call in and we can make the arrangements!  This is considered an intermediate project, so cutting, routing, measuring and figuring things out IS REQUIRED.

Installation Guide & Videos

Written & Pictures Step-by-Step Hardwood DIY Pedalboard Build

Youtube Wrapping Tolex or Tweed on your Pedalboard

Blog Post How-To Build an Angled Wood Pedalboard

Youtube Hardwood Pedalboard Build Made by Mitch

Youtube Pedalboard & Case Build with Chase & Melia

Youtube Hardwood Pedalboard Kit

Written 1/4” Input Installation 

Written IEC Inlet Installation

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