Custom Pedalboard Wiring Setup


General Info about the Process

  • If we are doing the pedal/power installation, it has to be a West Coast Pedal Board, no exceptions; sorry.
  • We don’t use any solder-less connectors or cable brand except Mogami so if your wanting something different, we aren’t your people.
  • You should have your pedalboard already, or we are finalized with the configuration steps and its being built.
  • Be satisfied with your pedal arrangement, signal path(s) and equipment in general. You provide a list of your pedals, including the signal path(s). This includes tap tempo, stereo configurations, and any special routing needs.

We’ll assist with basic advice of pedal order, but WILL NOT be designing the system from scratch. You have all the equipment that you will be using with the pedal board rig(guitars, amps, etc), so you will be the best source for testing for tone that suits your playing style.

  • If we are building the board for you, we will time the process so the pedals are delivered to our shop at the time the board is complete.
  • The wiring process only takes 4-5 business days, so you won’t be without your pedals for too long.
  • If you already have a board from us, we’ll time the process accordingly as well.

Installation Types

There are three types of in-house installations: (1) dedicated installation where ports are routed in exact locations based on the current pedal layout so the wiring can be ran OCD style (2) universal installation where we use our default routing templates for the size board you choose. We route out opening in the pedalboard deck, so that if you decide to change pedals, the cabling isn’t dedicated to a certain layout. The wiring will still look and perform awesome. The routes are made so that pedals are swappable / interchangeable; restricted only by pedalboard usable space(size). This method is really common when the pedals are situated in a way that places each pedal in the chain, right next to each other (3) The hybrid is a combo of the two, a portion with dedicated slots commonly used in popular switching systems like the Boss ES 3,5 and 8, Gigrig, Loopmaster etc, and the other part universal for random pedal swapping.


  • Mogami Cable | Patch Cable, Stereo Cable, Quadflex Balanced XLR, Midi – $1.50 – 4.50 per foot
  • 1/4″ Switchcraft and GnH Jacks – $3.50 – 5.25 per connector
  • XLR, MIDI etc – $7–14 depending on connector
  • Velcro, 3M Dual Lock, Clamps & Screws – $10-50 per job
  • Labor – $70 per hour, this includes pedal layout, custom top deck routing, making pedal risers/platforms, soldering cables, mounting pedals, power supplies plus final testing.

Pedalboard setups are priced based on time and materials; charges are determined based on quantity of pedals, devices and the complexity of the wiring scheme. We can easily give you an estimate, provided we know exactly what we are doing for you. The steps below, explain what we need from you, to get the most accurate estimate.
If you can’t part with your pedals due to a busy gig/tour schedule, you can measure the specific lengths of patch cables needed; we’ll pre-assemble them so you can easily plug and play.

Ready to Pull the Trigger!

  • You will be 150% sure every pedal is in perfect working order prior to delivery!
  • Make sure all existing Velcro or similar is removed from the pedal back; this means all the sticky residue that doesn’t peel off with the velcro as well.
  • You should pack the pedals properly, and insure them for the full value if you were to have to replace them. If you need help with shipping options, contact shipping carriers for their preferred shipping practices.
  • Once the board is complete and tested, we calculate the itemized cost of all the parts, labor and return shipping charge. That payment must be paid in full before the board leaves our shop, there are absolutely zero exceptions.
  • Last step: ENJOY!!!


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