What Size pedalboard do I need? Aside from our world class aesthetics and Input/Output capabilities, one of the most important considerations of any board investment should be size. We show you how to choose a guitar pedalboard size that will be perfect for your pedal collection now and into the future!


What size pedalboard do I need? If you’re investing in a new pedalboard, you’ve likely asked yourself this question. You may have also noticed that we have a few different models that offer different design aesthetics. Regardless of which style of board you choose, each version comes with our most requested options like 1/4″ guitar and amp hookups as well as the AC power harness. The harness not only has the cool vintage indicator lamp and power switch, but also features a power supply hookup that allows easy and quick integration of quality pedal power supplies. Our boards also come in a few standard sizes and we also offer custom sizing if that is essential to your pedal layout. There is no extra charge for a custom size, its simply a calculation of cost for the additional materials required. Call or E-Mail for a quick estimate for your custom pedalboard sizing.


Help choosing a size is THE MOST COMMON request for players looking for their first pedalboard. Luckily, figuring this out is simple. Here are the options when choosing a West Coast Pedalboard!

Start by laying out your pedals on a table in the arrangement that you prefer to use them. Usually, two rows of pedals is a good start. Any more than that presents a problem trying to reach the pedals on the highest row. Once you have them arranged, you can take a measurement and compare that to the existing sizes we offer; use the notes below to determine the best option for your guitar pedalboard.

  • Standard Size – one of our standard sized boards; choose this if the size works for your pedal layout. Often ideal for those just starting into the pedalboard world with a few pedals.
  • Standard Sizing + Future Expansion/Flexibility – choose one of our standard size boards, but select a larger size then what your current space/pedal collection requirements require. This allows for easy future expansion
    • E.g: select the 24X12 even though your current layout only requires 18X12
  • Custom Size – some players need a custom size due to space limitations, weight requirements or pedal size/quantities. Maybe you have a particular arrangement of devices that require a customized layout and size. This is very common and since we fabricate using wood, customizing sizes are EASY!!!!

Next, lets choose a style of board! We have tolex, tweed, hardwood and our newest Icon Series lines!

  • Lay your pedals out on a table, in the order that you will use them, now take a measurement
    • if you don’t have all the pedals, use a paper cutouts as placeholders
  • Allow space in between and on top/bottom for patch cable runs and DC power cables
  • If your planning for a flat board with no Under side, then your power supply will also need space on the top of the board with the pedals, so make sure you create space for that
  • Do you want to allow extra room in-between so devices are spread out more and the buttons are easier to activate
  • Do you need to allow for future expansion. If so, use paper cutouts as placeholders for pedals you may not have yet to help with the layout dimensions
  • Does one of our standard sizes work for you? If not, we can build to a custom size, which usually doesn’t cost much, if anything more!
Pedalboard Layout



Hardwood Board and Custom Hard Case 360X