What Size pedalboard do I need? Well, your getting a new board! Aside from the tasty aesthetics and I/O capabilities, one of the most important considerations of any board purchase should be sizing. A small amount of prep work, planning and help from this simple guide and you’ll have an excellent grasp on how to choose a pedalboard and what size to look for.


If your shopping for a pedalboard, you may have noticed that most pedalboard makers limit you with a pre-determined “1 Size Fits All” lineup of products. Booooooo!!! Our boards come in several standard sizes too, but…. we believe each and every model board we make should have the option for custom sizing. Sometimes, a custom size is essential to a good pedal layout or necessary for size limitations etc. There is no extra charge for customizing your size, its simply a calculation of cost for the materials required. E.g: if your ideal board size is in-between 2 of our standard sizes, pricing will be in-between those two.


Help choosing a size are THE MOST COMMON questions we receive from customers. Luckily, figuring this out is simple. Here are the options when choosing a West Coast Pedalboard!

  • Standard Size – one of our standard sized boards; choose this if the size works for your needs. Often ideal for those just starting into the pedalboard world!
  • Standard Sizing + Flexible – choose one of our standard size boards, but selecting a larger size then what your current space requirements require. Thus allowing for future expansion if you already have a collection of pedals. E.g: selecting the 24X12 even though your current layout only requires 18X12
  • Custom Size – some players need a custom size due to space or weight restrictions. Maybe you have a particular arrangement of devices that require a customized layout and size. This is very common and since we fabricate using wood, customizing sizes are EASY!!!!
  • Customer Spec – similar to the above, but with a splash more custom work. A client has a collection of pedals and equipment that will go in a set location. We then build the board to exact size and also create cable access slats in the deck that will increase the functionality of that installation. Allowing for super efficient cable runs and pedal orientations.

First things first, lets choose a size and a style of board!

  • Lay your pedals out on a table, in the order that you will use them, now take a measurement
  • ***if you don’t have all the pedals, use a paper cutouts as placeholders***
  • Allow space in between and on top/bottom for patch cable runs and power cables
  • If your planning for a flat board with no Under side, then your power supply will also need space on the top of the board with the pedals, so make sure you create space for that
  • Do you want to allow extra room in-between so devices are spread out more?
  • Do you need to allow for future expansion. If so, use paper cutouts as placeholders for pedals you may not have yet to help with the layout dimension
  • Does one of our standard sizes work for you? If not, we can build to a custom size, which usually doesn’t cost much, if anything more!

We offer a mechanical design service for more complex setups, calculating patch and power cable spacing. The charge is 75$ and half the cost is reimbursed upon purchase. This is what we need to get started:

  • An email list with all your pedals and devices
  • Details about any special routing requirements or needs
  • Payment to start