One minute of Angeline’s low-end thumping coming at you and you’ll know she is just as much beast as beauty.  She is a monstrous talent and has the schedule to prove it.  In the last year alone, Angeline recorded 2 albums and toured with the Narada Michael Walden Band, rocked the stage with Santana when he joined Narada’s band at their most recent show, joined forces with reggae and ska legend Ernest Ranglin, laid down some serious shredding bass on Gretchen Menn’s album Hale Souls (and works regularly as her touring bassist), recorded 4 instructional DVD’s for Hal Leonard as well as a demo video for GHS strings, joined the all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band Zepparella and continues to moonlight as a hired gun in the studio and for local shows.

Her resume includes work in an amazing array of styles, including jazz, rock, fusion, funk, R&B, pop, hip hop, and even flamenco/speed metal. With an arresting combination of versatility, focus, taste, and chops, she is a seasoned professional and compelling performer. Her jazz background shines through in her melodic lines; her rock leanings mean she isn’t afraid to lay down a solid, heavy grove; her chops allow her to burn when the moment asks for flash and energy. Whatever the song calls for, that is what she honors.

We built Angeline and Fender Amp Match 12X24 wedge board and ATA flight case.  3 locking Input jacks for her basses, 1 locking amp output and AC power ports allow easy loading/out.  Signal Chain is Lehle 3 Channel Instrument Selector —> Peterson Strobo 2 Tuner —>Boss Octave OC-2 —> Wattson Classic FUZZ Box —> MXR Phase 100 —>MXR Bass Envelope Filter —> Boss Digital Reverb RV-5.  We made custom cable leads with purple cable armor to accent her existing patch cables made by Providence LTD.  The board is powered with a Rocktron Power Tap, a voltage switchable power supply that supports Angelines international tour schedule.  The board travels safely inside an ATA flight case with the mobility package ( A luggage type handle and rear casters).

Angeline is currently a Fender, GHS Strings, EMG Pickups, Sadowsky, Mono Case, Rocktron USA, Providence LTD endorsed artist.  Yes folks, she’s a badass!!

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Andy Andersson shares guitar duties with Brett Scallions in Fuel and plays lead guitar in Black Robot. Originally from Sweden, Andy is fast making a name for himself as a top notch guitarist.  Catch Andy with Fuel or Black Robot if you can. The man can play.

We built Andy a Black tolex 16X38 board with a flat area stage left side for volume and wah pedals.  Integrated locking Input, 3 Amp Out’s and AC power ports allow easy setup up and tear down for techs; which was one of the goals we wanted to achieve.  Running a Sonic Edge Fluffer at the beginning of the signal chain reduces the natural loading effect when connecting multiple pedals to your signal path.  The G2 Gigrig controls most of the pedals with a super easy to use interface, a great tool to creating customized patches and loops.  We made custom length soldered patch cables using Mogami cable and switchcraft pancake jacks.  All power and signal path cable are strapped down for safe use, transport and modification.  The board is powered with 2 Supa Chargers by BBE Electronics.  The board travels safely inside the custom ATA flight case with the mobility package ( A luggage type handle and rear casters).

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Brad Stewart is a professional musician known for his work with hard rock band Shinedown. However, he now plays in Fuel, holding it down for the 2014 World Tour.

Brad’s bass board is a very effective tool; again, we integrated locking input and output jacks.  The board sends A/B/Y signals to a few different bass stacks in the back line.  Ascetically, we rocked the black tolex on a 12X18 board, powered by Voodoo’s Pedal Power 2+.  Brad uses a Tech 21 BASS DI and Rockett Pedals LED BOOST to get some tasty low end. We left a little room to add a few pedals.  Our ATA flight case fits his board perfectly.

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Tina Guo has developed an international multi-faceted performance and recording career as a solo classical cellist, electric cellist, erhuist, and composer known for her distinctive sound and improvisatory style in major motion picture, television, and game scores.  Tina is featured in the commercial for the new 2014 Mazda6, the 2014 United Airlines commercial, and was also a featured soloist in Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson “The Immortal” World Tour from 2011-2013 performing in sold out arenas around the world.

We built Tina a Black tolex 12X24 board with integrated Input/Output and AC power ports and personalized name plates.  Soldered Mogami cable and switchcraft pancake jacks, and the board is powered with one Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+.  The board travels safely inside the ATA flight case with the mobility package.

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Well versed in everything from roots to bluegrass to punk rock, Gina draws on her backgrounds in jazz, Celtic and Americana alike to create her exhilarating, one-of-a-kind sound. Musicians and audiences alike are energized by the texture and vibrancy that Gina and her violin bring to the stage.

Gina has most recently been rocking with Fountains of Wayne, Soul Asylum and The Wallflowers where she played over 20 shows opening for Eric Clapton.  She has also been shredding with Celtic punk band Whiskey of the Damned and roots-rockers Trapper Schoepp and the Shades.

Gina uses 2 different West Coast Pedalboards; while on tour, she uses her main tweed rig with all the bells and whistles.  For quick fly dates and 1 off performances, we built her a matching tweed Flat Series board; a great all in one platform for essential tone tools.

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For almost 30 years Christian rock pioneer Michael Sweet has broken down walls and seen unprecedented success bringing his music to the masses. Best known as the singer, guitarist, and songwriter for Stryper, his role in that groundbreaking band only scratches the surface of this multi-talented artist.

Michael Sweet, in addition to his very visible role in Stryper, is also a Nashville songwriter, producer, acclaimed solo artist, and in 2008 was even a member of the legendary band BOSTON. Stryper, under the leadership of Michael Sweet, has sold over 8 million records worldwide, received a Grammy nomination, charted countless times on the Billboard charts, and won a Dove Award. He continues to break new ground in all aspects of his diverse career.

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