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One minute of Angeline’s low-end thumping coming at you and you’ll know she is just as much beast as beauty. She is a monstrous talent and has the schedule to prove it. Her credits include her decade-spanning work with Narada Michael Walden Band, Ernest Ranglin, Kehoe International, Zepparella, Gretchen Menn, and most recently Todd Rundgren, Adrian Belew, Royston Langdon, and Angelo Moore on the Celebration of Bowie tour.  Additionally, she’s shared the stage with legendary musicians such as Carlos Santana, Ronnie Spector, Dionne Warwick, Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Richie Sambora, Orianthi, Steven Adler, and Neal Schon.

Featured in Bass Player Magazine, Bass Magazine, No Treble, Guitar Girl Magazine, Bass Quarterly Magazine, on the cover of Bass Musician Magazine, and on Guitar Girl Magazine Calendar, Angeline is a bass player who understands and celebrates the instrument. Her playing pulls from some of her favorites such as Pino Palladino, John Paul Jones, Willie Weeks, Larry Graham, and James Jamerson, yet she brings a quality and sound that is uniquely her own. An admirer wrote a single word on the back of a set list during a show and tossed it back on stage. “Filthy!” it said. Angeline maintains it is one of the best compliments she ever received.

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Her raw talent as a player is equally matched by her dedicated work ethic, which is why she’s the first-call bassist for artists across the music world. Regardless of which style or genre she’s taking on, she prepares tirelessly to be stage or studio ready, and has continually exceeded all expectations from musical directors, artists, and bandleaders alike. “I show up prepared and will always prioritize being solid and supportive over flashy and busy. For me, that translates to locking in with the drummer, laying pocket, staying out of the way, but also knowing when to dig in and deliver a bit of flash to send a song into lift-off.”

Angeline is already a force to be reckoned with, but her ambition and inexhaustible hunger to grow as a musician will only propel her to new heights as a bass player and songwriter.

“What continues to evolve is my sense of self as a player. The thing you can’t be taught is the musical instinct you get from time on stage. There is a trust you build in yourself when you have put time into a craft consistently for years upon years. I feel that more than ever at this point in my career and I think it translates to how I show up in a band setting.”

Music lovers and low enders alike are excited to see where her path will take her next.

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Her first bass was a 1979 Musicman Sabre, which she still has to this day. Her current arsenal includes four fenders – an American Deluxe FMT, an American Elite, a Precision and a fretless – a Warwick custom shop electric upright, a Sadowsky NYC 5, a Marleaux Consat Soprano, a Kala U-Bass and a Shen upright acoustic. All part of a consistent rotation that depends on what the gig calls for. For amplification, she uses Fender. She has a Super Bassman Pro 300-watt tube head with an 810 Neo for bigger shows and tours. For smaller shows and more local gigs, she’ll use a 550 Rumble head paired with a 410 Neo.

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