Rascal Martinez

Guitarist | Songwriter | Solo + Band Musician

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Channeling a mix of Indie-Rock and Americana. Rascal Martinez is a singer/songwriter from Nebraska who connects with a soulful audience. Since a young age, Rascal always connected with people through his music ability and stories. Now he is connecting with a wide variety of audiences who can see themselves in his songs.

Spending time on the road has enriched Rascal’s connection with people. He sees himself heartfelt with America but has also found an audience throughout the world – Brazil, UK, Canada, and Romania.

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His sound was polished and deepened after working and collaborating in Nashville in 2016. Rascal tours year round throughout the Midwest, including Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles, Omaha and Denver to name a few. Shows are supported by material from 3 very strong CDs. His fan base is extensive and loyal, with more than 22,000 followers on Facebook alone!

​The dynamic live three-piece act carries a small plug in and play stage footprint but brings a big sound. Rock is replete with pretenders, borrowers and copycats, but once in a great while comes an artist who channels a spirit with a fresh yet familiar and resonant style.

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  • Fender Tele
  • Guild T-50 Slim
  • Gibson SJ-100
  • Fender Tube Amp
  • Red Bronco Tolex West Coast Pedal Board
  • Peterson Tuner
  • Blues Pedal
  • Mojo Mojo Pedal

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