Sarah Sheriff

Guitarist | Music Director | Content Creator | Solo (hired musician) / Gillian Smith / Grant Bryan Band

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I’m a central PA based country/rock/blues guitarist, tone chaser, marketing professional, fitness junkie, and dog mom. I’ve been playing close to 30 years and am completely obsessed with all things guitar; playing, buying, selling, trading, and most importantly LEARNING.

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I am a student of the Marty Stuart way of living. Throughout the week, I’ll be somewhere in the world launching off of a drum riser and playing at volumes your iPhone will warn you against. On Sunday mornings, I humble myself at church with massive reverb trails and a grateful heart.

I’m endlessly curious and I’m rarely still. I’ve made finding the perfect combination of tone and gear my life’s journey. Fortunately, of all the variables to solve for along the way, I’ve already found the perfect pedalboard with West Coast Pedalboards.

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I typically play a PRS (DGT, 594, Starla,
Mira) or a Mario Martin Telecaster for my electric gigs, though I am an equal opportunity guitarist. The more obnoxious the paint job, the better. If it sparkles, I’m there. At my acoustic shows, I play a Breedlove or a PRS Hollowbody II with the piezo engaged. I run either a small acoustic board with a tuner/compressor/DI/reverb mounted on a West Coast Pedalboard or a Kemper with a remote on a West Coast board.

Your Board. Your Sound.

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