In the everquest of good tone, we stumbled upon the Rockbox Limited Edition, hand painted Boiling Point.  Our good friend and customer Gabe Bruski calls it the “End all, Be All of Distortion pedals”.  A pretty big claim, and you watch Gabe run through his rig, notice the immediate breakup and drive that is combined into this amazing circuit.  Chris Campbell is the designer/builder of these hand made in the US (Northern California) pedals.  We were so pleased with this demo, we tried this pedal in various other rig combo’s, and find that it is very versatile.  Versatility in playing style, is important; many players play different styles, and to have an effect that can be not only effective, but drop dead gorgeous is a feat that is few and far between. 
Rockbox Boiling Point Limited Edition,Scoop one up!!!

Boiling Point LE

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