Pedalboard Patch Cable Straight Plugs – Square Plug SPS5 (TS) Mono

Pedalboard Patch Cable Straight Plugs – Square Plug SPS5 (TS) Mono


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Square Plug Sps5 – 1/4″ Pedalboard Patch Cable Plugs

The smallest straight soldered 1/4″ phone plug with strain relief on planet earth! The very small profile of the Sps5 plug has tip and ground solder lugs and is super easy to put together.  Its also a great solution for switcher wiring where small plugs are desired. We use these on most every pedalboard build that requires a small right angle 1/4″ connection.  West Coast is officially swapping from the GnH Stubby and Switchcraft 380 to the SPS5 series plugs immediately.


  • It works spectacular with the Mogami 2319 patch cable.
  • .5″ Maximum Width
  • .25″ Maximum Cable diameter allowance – no heat shrink use with Mogami 2319 which is .25″ diameter.
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