Do It Yourself Zebra Pedalboard Kit

Do It Yourself Zebra Pedalboard Kit


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DIY Zebra Pedalboard

  •  5 Standard Sizes: 18″X12″ | 24″X12″ | 28″X13″ | 28″X16″ | 34″X16″ –  Custom Sizes Available Upon Request
  • All board kits include half blind dovetailed hardwood pieces
  • Player Side Height 2.25″ Audience Side height 4.25″
  • 4 @ 1″ Non-Slip Rubber Feet with Fasteners
  • 2 Hole Angled Braces with Fasteners to secure top deck to zebra pedalboard frame
  • Russian birch ply deck top with Super Loop cut to your size
  • Includes 2 @ 1/4″ audio cable lead assemblies featuring Puretone output jacks, electro-socket jack plates, Mogami W2319 cable and SP500 right angle plugs.  Add extra assemblies if you need more then the 2 included
  • Includes our IEC Combo Power Harness with master power switch, indicator lamp and C13 pigtail used to connect power supplies such as Voodoo Lab, Strymon, Truetone and more.
  • If you need a different pigtail for your power supply, thats available upon request
  • Pedalboard deck top includes our Proprietary Super Loop velcro style loop material

**Routing, gluing, screwing, measuring, cutting, sanding, oiling, and finishing is definitely required!**

Extras That You May Like:

Adding this option includes two (2) more 1/4” TS lead assemblies. This add-on is useful when you want to take advantage of your amplifiers FX Loop circuitry.


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DIY Zebra Pedalboard Kit

We have the worlds only complete kits and these DIY Zebra pedalboard sets are amazing. A truly unique specie, it smells like a fine cuban cigar when you start cutting into it! Each kit is made from solid hardwood, hand selected timbers and hand worked.

We mill all the timbers down to .75″ and use the half-blind dovetail as our preferred joinery technique.  We’re setting the industry standard again with a great project.  Someone handy with tools can easily have one of these completed in 4-6 hours.

Or take your time and complete it in phases.  Regardless, a stellar weekend project!  Premium materials, strong joinery, our most requested features are all included. You won’t find anything of better quality anywhere, guaranteed!


What are the 1/4″ lead assemblies for? These are input/output connections commonly used to connect for guitar and amp to the pedals on your board.  Solder cable leads that mount on the input side and output side of the board.

Each input has a soldered cable that will connect to the input (Right Side) of your first pedal and the output (Left Side) of your last pedal. Plug your instrument and amp cables right into the side of the pedalboard instead of into the pedals directly.

Helps offset wear and tear and also reduces setup and teardown if you gig with the board.

Why would I need extra cable assemblies?  Extra In’s & Outs are the single most requested add-on we have.  There are so many uses and possible configurations, you’ll have to call in to add those functions in.  

The good news is its easily possible!  The most requested: The mysterious FX Loop… This  option would give you two more 1/4″ soldered cable assemblies on the output side of the pedalboard.

What is the IEC Power Harness used for?  The included harness is our most popular options chosen for our boards.  Its a combo unit that in its most basic form, get power from the wall, into your pedalboard.

This particular harness includes the inlet, a power toggle switch, an indicator lamp plus a C13 pedal power pigtail to connect Voodoo Lab, Strymon, Puretone and many other power supplies.

What is a power supply, and why do I need one? Power supplies provide clean and reliable power to each pedal on the board. This helps simplify pedal installation because you don’t need a bunch of wall adapters powering each pedal from a huge power strip.

These tiny power supplies make powering your pedals easy, and can actually increase their performance. If you want specifics on that, go here. 

How do I attach my pedals? This kit includes our Super Loop velcro style top deck material, it works great with this industrial grade Super Hook!

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 7 in


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