Pedal Board Stereo to Mono Cable Builder

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PStereo to Mono Cable – Pedal Board Patch Cable Builder

This cable is required when using mono effects within stereo loops; essentially, summing or combining the tip and ring of the TRS connector to the tip of the TS connector.  When wiring a RJM PBC, this cable would connect to a mono pedal in any of the loops 7,8,9 or 10 when using them in stereo. The TRS end will be inserted into the return port of the PBC loop and the TS end goes into the output jack of your mono pedal. This cable works simultaneously with our Ring Disconnect Cable Builder in conjunction with this cable for full stereo functionality with your mono pedals. These cables work similarly with other switching devices that utilize stereo loops. We suggest checking with your switcher manufacturer to make sure this cable is the proper solution for your desired results.

Are you looking for the Ring Disconnect cables as well? 

  • Customize your Stereo to Mono Cable in 3 easy steps!
  • Choose your Mogami Cable W2319 length
  • Choose jack type and orientation: Right/Right | Right/Straight | Straight/Straight
  • Lifetime Warranty

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