Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS 12


A major benefit of using a switching power supply is that it can handle far more current (power being pulled out of it) than any transformer-based power supply. Although we had to put power rating labels on each output to satisfy certification agencies (yes, we actually certified these, unlike most companies), the outputs can generally handle far more than the label shows. For example, you can connect a 300mA pedal to a 200mA output, without causing any problems. With a transformer-based power supply, you can’t get away with that. The important thing is to not exceed the total of all the labels. With a CS7, the output labels add up to 1900mA total. That means the total current draw of all your pedals should be less than 1900mA. That total current rating is roughly double the current load of the most common power brick, for a lot less money.


Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12

Output Capabilities:

Outputs 1-2: 18VDC (100mA)
Outputs 3-6: 9VDC or 12VDC (100mA)
Output 7: 9VDC or variable 4-9VDC (100mA)
Outputs 8-9: 9VDC (250mA)
Outputs 10-11: 9VDC (500mA)
Output 12: 9VAC (800mA) – Be careful with this one! It is only for pedals that can handle AC voltage. If your pedal can use a battery, do NOT use this output!

Physical Dimension:

8.12” x 3.37” x 2” (206 x 86 x 50mm); 2.35 lbs. (1.06 Kg.) – weight and dimensions of power supply only, not including cables or packaging.

Operational Voltage Notes:

The back panel of the 1 SPOT Pro CS12 has a 2-position 115/230V~ switch that allows the 1 SPOT Pro CS12 to be used in most countries. Warning: Using the unit at the wrong setting will cause damage to both the 1 SPOT Pro CS12, and any effect plugged into output 12. Make sure the switch setting matches the voltage coming out of the wall outlet (+/- 10V~ is OK). This switch only effects the 9VAC output, but it’s important to set it correctly whether you use that output or not… you might want to use it someday.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 4 in


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