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Solder Block – Multi Capable Soldering Assistant

If you’ve ever tried to solder a 1/4″ plug without a proper holder, you know what this is. We took it a step further and made this the FIRST, multi-capable connection assistant that works like it should while adding the sexy vibes that only real exotic and hardwoods can give! Fly through your next pedalboard setup with the most useful third hand helper you’ve ever used.

Solder Capabilities:

  • Plenty of top and side mounted 1/4″ Phone plugs useful for all brands and types of right angled and straight connectors
  • 5 ports for all brands of 2.1 and 2.5mm DC Power Jacks like the popular CBAR-21R – useful when creating custom DC power Cables. You can use straight plugs or turn the block on its back for perfect soldered right angled connections
  • All brands of Panel Mounted “Square D” type connections including but not limited to: TRS and TS 1/4″, XLR male and FeMale, MIDI all pin types – using the two openings on either side of the soldering block
  • Full length parts tray beautifully machined using our 1″ bull nose bowl bit on the CNC
  • West Coast logo engraved on the Laser
  • The Hard, Soft & Exotic Wood used to create these come from off cuts of our pedalboard manufacturing processes. You can call in to ask for a particular specie, but items will ship out randomly based on stock and availability.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet to prevent unwanted movement and the NOTORIOUS F Bomb drops heard through the entire house!

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