Pedalboard Solderless Jacks

Pedalboard Solderless Jacks


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Just kidding, these things are terrible and we would never try to sell any of these to anyone.  Look at the difference in the images: first being the solder-less garbage, and the second is the real deal Neutrik soldered connector.

Most pro touring musicians rely on consistency and reliability; its rare to find them using solder less cables, jacks or pedalboard patch cable kits and I will never be the one trying to push this inferior shit on our customers.

All of our patch cables, pedalboard lead cables etc are soldered and warrantied for life and would prefer you to use the professional version here & here!

If you have to go in on the cheap…

..Creation Pedalboard Company, Blackbird Boards do sell these…

Out of stock

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Solderless Pedalboard Jacks

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