Videos for Pedalboard Nerds!

How to Install our Bad-Ass Super Loop pedalboard Deck Material

Want a tour grade pedalboard top material?

How to Solder Patch Cables

Here’s our customizable DIY patch cable kits.

Custom Shop Zebra Wood & 2 Tone Case & Velvet Interior

Mahalo Amps – Amp Matched Flat Series Pedalboard

Matchless Amp Match Flat Series for PRS Endorsed Artist Rhett Smith

Andy Andersson’s Fly Board – West Coast Flat Series Custom Shop

West Coast Pedal Board – Fuel’s Andy Andersson and Brad Stewart Pedal Board Buildout

Angeline Saris – Bassist – Fender Endorsed Artist

West Coast Pedal Board – Pedal Board Problems

Duesenberg Guitars USA – 2014 NAMM Pedalboard

West Coast – Enter the Dragon #1

West Coast – Pedal Board Ports, I/O Options #3

West Coast – Logo Plates, Indicator Badges and Personalizations #5

West Coast – Shop Tour

George Abrahms – Boss RC Series Loop Demo

West Coast – Tolex, Tweed, Tu-Tone and Amp Matching #2

West Coast – Power Ports and Indicator Lamps #4

Gina Romantini – TC Electronics Looper Demo

Gabe Bruske – Pedalboard Rundown and Demo