***Re-Opening as of 12/7/2015***

Hello everyone,
we have been out of the hospital now for almost 3 weeks, Ben is now 7 months old.  His OHS went according to plan & according to the docs, the surgery went very well.  We had an overwhelming amount of support from our T Shirt wearing #weBenJamin crew throughout the day of his surgery as well as the following week of recovery.  Our friends, family & colleagues posted up pictures of them and their kids, even pets wearing his shirt.  It made the time pass in a very positive way, we loved them all.  Some pictures came from as far away as Austria and Spain!!!!

We have been back & actively taking orders, back at complete active status for 2 weeks; it feels good to be back working with you all & building again.  I’d like to thank all of you who stuck with us during the last little while.  It’s humbling to know that even with the extended & un-disclosed wait time, you placed orders with us anyway; trusting that your gear would be eventually built and your order fulfilled upon our return.  I can’t thank you enough for that. 

It was a hard to “close shop” for that time, figuring that our customer base would look elsewhere for their pedalboard needs, but surprisingly, this was not the case!  During the closure, we received notes and messages from many of you wishing our family and specifically Benji good, warm wishes & prayers.  Though I’m not a religious man in the typical sense, I am very much a spiritual man, I believe firmly that each and every one of your notes and prayers made a huge impact for my little family!  I am grateful to each one of you who physically sent your vibes to us, who quietly sat for a moment and sent up your prayers in your own space, we are forever grateful & I cannot extend enough gratitude to you for that.  The moments, though sometimes dark, were filled with love & good ol fashioned vibrations, I am a better man, husband and father for them.

We have 3 more un-scheduled surgeries to go in the coming 5 months, so there will be more temporary closures with the same exact un-disclosed time frames.  Though we are finished with the (“big one”), each surgery is crucial and poses some level of risk.  I will most definitely be taking more personal time at each of these intervals to be with my family and step away from the shop life until Ben makes his recovery. 

To follow are some very personal images of Ben’s last surgery and our stay at the hospital.  If you are a bit squeamish, the graphic content may not be suitable for ya.  I apologize in advance but feel to grasp the gravity of our situation, the pictures of our little heart warrior tell the story better then words could ever describe.

Much love & respect…


***Temporary Closure***

Greetings, Spencer here; with great angst and a healthy mix of dismay, I am announcing that we will be temporarily closing West Coast Pedal Board effective immediately, November 16th 2015. Some of you may know my son was born earlier this year, and was diagnosed with multiple defects; requiring life saving surgery roughly 36 hours after he was born. Since that day, May 20th, I have been operating WCPB at a minimum level maintaining the basic day to day responsibilities, but not pushing or marketing for new business at all. Our families have been brought together very closely to give this young man the very best support needed to thrive and live. It’s in his best interest that I have 1000% of my focus and energy directed or him and our family entirely. This coming tuesday Nov 24th, Ben will undergo a Tetralogy of Fallot Open Heart surgery; his 3rd surgery in 6 months. In the event that we will be at the hospital for an unlikely extended period of time, I don’t want to have any build pressures that go along with our quick advertised turnaround times.

We will be leaving the shopping cart system live for customers who still want to make a purchase, with a written & verbal understanding that their payment will not be debited from their account until shipment of the product(s), whenever that happens. There will also be minimal to no email or phone support for new, existing or future ordering. At this time, I am NOT setting a date for re-opening. It will happen organically with no pressure, when our family feels like I can sneak out and shred some timbers!

I want to re-iterate to everyone firmly, I love my job. When the time is right, we are going to be back building bad ass rock machines! We have several new products that have been on the back burner for the last 6 months that will be released into the wild soon after we re-launch! Also, we’ll see some of you at winter NAMM!!!

If any of you have outstanding orders with us, those will be fulfilled immediately upon our return.

Any messages in the form of email, voicemail, carrier pigeon etc, will NOT be addressed, so please do your best to hold your messages until further notice.

I, we, my family sincerely thanks you for being the absolute best customers! I get to do what I love because of all of you and I can’t thank you enough for the support and understanding.

If you care to know a little more about whats going on, and why we are choosing the temporary closure, I’ve included some info. This is a brief intro to my little family ;-D



Well friends, at 3:13pm Sophia delivered a healthy little boy in a warm tub beside our bed. He’s 6#11oz at 18″ long. Everyone is fine and we appreciate all the well wishes. Our plan is to take it easy for a little bit and really just enjoy these moments. Huge thank you to all of our friends, family & of course the spectacular midwives! Paula Schnebelt, Morgan Conway-O’neill and Amy Michele Glenn Ernest Williams Jr. and Eve Williams !!! I love you ladies, thank you for a beautiful experience!

Sophia, Spencer and BB’s Birth Experience
The birth was everything we could have hoped for! Sophia woke up Wednesday at 9 am after an amazing night’s rest to her water breaking in bed! Within 10 minutes, contractions started. By the second contraction, we knew it was happening fast so we started calling our birth team for support. No early labor here! Our baby was born in our bedroom in our birth tub into his mommy’s hands at 3:13pm! Sophia caught him as Spencer gently supported her. She rocked backwards bringing him into her arms. Labor was 6 hours from water breaking. He was covered in vernix so much that he couldn’t open his eyes and was as calm as can be. Hardly cried at all, just a few whimpers.
We ended up transporting Sophia by ambulance for retained placenta. Her cervix closed before it was able to come out. We tried several things at home but ultimately, it was manually removed at Sutter Hospital without incident. She also lost quite a bit of blood in the removal so we are rebuilding her iron levels. We had a few family members over to Sutter to celebrate our son’s birthday and what we thought to be the most perfect of days!
When we got home from the hospital, we noticed our baby wasn’t breathing properly, he was really having to work to get his air. We decided to go to Memorial Hospital to get him some help. When they went to take his temperature rectaly, they discovered he had no anal opening. Because of Sophia’s transport, his complete newborn exam had been postponed because he appeared to be doing just fine; so it had gone unnoticed. UCSF sent an ambulance team from the new Benioff Campus in SF to us right away; we followed by car.
3 hospitals in less than 12 hours…
The initial diagnosis from the babies cardiologist team at UCSF is an acronym called VACTERAL …  as far as we know, Baby Hendoo (not his name: still deciding) has only two of the possible 6 abnormalities, aka defects.
1. A for anal atresia & C for cardiac; in the case of the Cardiac defect, he has something called Tetralogy of Fallot. It essentially means there are 4 issues that will need to be fixed pertaining to his little heart. We also learned that it will be an open heart procedure; possibly a series of, if we remember correctly. We are told that at this point, he is stable enough to have the fistula procedures handled first. They want him to bulk up a bit before they do that kinda work. This could change depending on his daily status.
2. The anal issue is a fistula where his rectum has joined to his urethra; very strange to see your kid pooping out the pee hole… He just had his first successful surgery on Friday (5/22/15) to start the correction of this and we have positive confirmation that that part is going very well. He will have a temporary colostomy bag beneath the belly button on his left side.  As saddening as this has all been, his long term prognosis is amazing. The last 4 days have been surreal, the love & emotion you can have for a person you barely know is breathtaking; we have been humbled, awed & very thankful to the great minds & incredible technology that make up the huge team helping our BB. A hybrid birth plan spanning from an all natural approach through needing the most sophisticated people and technology available. We’ve said more times than anything,… “crazy!!!”.
We have been told there is no reason why he wouldn’t lead a fully functional life after the next 6 months or so of surgeries. Babies heal fast and Sophia and Spencer built a warrior’s soul…
Since the initial visit to Memorial, diagnosis have changed, expected outcomes have turned to naught, and this has been without a doubt, the most stressful & humbling event in our lives. Because of the nature of these initial findings, we have elected to do a complete battery of blood, organ, genetic and neural testing. Hopefully the current findings are the extent of the bad news and we can start reeling inward and work as a family to bring our little man home safe!
We are trying to keep things lite right now, so please do not be worried or sorrowful. Do kiss your babies, do kiss your people, do kiss whoever needs some damn kissin’. Do think good thoughts and send good vibes for our baby! This little guy has gone through some grown up stuff already and it’s a struggle seeing him hooked into all the gear. He is making us a better, stronger family because of this and we are thankful for that.
The last day or so, we’ve finally been able to process things & make some personal time for ourselves; just talking about the whole experience, crying with each other, laughing and comforting each other, going through stressors of uncertain or unknown diagnosis, all the way to doctors and nurses smiling about the excellent progress our little trooper is making; essentially catching up with the original high of having a new baby!
We promise he is getting top notch care, top shelf love & support from his closest people. There will not be anything left undone, we have the compete and utmost respect for the hundred plus people that will be working for our baby smile emoticon. For this, we are eternally grateful…
Lastly, we appreciate everyone’s concern, we also appreciate the space that we will need to create to make sure our attention and energies are focused towards this baby! We’d love to give everyone updates and full attention as things occur, but as you can probably imagine, that’s de-energizing and we won’t be doing that. Things can change so quickly with young babies. We don’t want to give any information that isn’t 150,000% fact.
Many people have been asking how they can help, so there has been a gofundme account set up to help support his medical expenses: http://www.gofundme.com/v8a2qa4
Please hold your questions. We will update as we can and ask for help as needed.
Thank you everyone for your love & support!
GoFundMe Setup
Sophia and Spencer’s gorgeous little man needs our support. Sophia has supported so many families through the transition into motherhood and now it is our turn to give back when her family needs it! The three of them are an amazingly brave team to watch as they navigate Baby Boy’s birth defects and the surgeries that he will need. Lets give whatever we can!
There has occurred a beautifully natural & organic script about naming our little man; it’s interesting in the sense that we didn’t pick it, he did, the universe did, we didn’t!
We hadn’t picked any names out ahead of time, & we were asked about names ALOT! “How are you supposed to name someone you don’t know” was our thought. The plan was to meet him first, play with him, look at him, feel him, love on him, get to know him a bit, then come up with a name! Suffice to say, we have just got some of those precious times the last few days. Sophia and I were positive the name would eventually come on its own.
Here’s the unfolding:
after the transfer down to UCSF, we learned the campus was named Benioff Childrens Hospital. Sophia said “lets name him Benioff, after the hospital, hahah. Soon after that, in a somewhat jokingly tone, I said we should name him after the surgeon that saves his life. Minutes after, we met with our team and his general surgeon that would be performing the surgery. His name….. Benjamin Padilla.
My grandfathers hebrew name was Benjamin. My grandad was a wonderful family man, a hard worker and extremely daper, a provider! Some time passes & Eve (future mother in law)went to collect some clothes from our house, while walking past a wall display, she noticed an old WWII Zippo lighter with an engraving of Ben.
A couple days later, I stopped at In n Out on my back to handle some work stuff and the young guy to take my order was another Ben.
The day after that, Glenn was talking to his sister and after seeing some pictures of our little dude, she said he looked like the baby in the movie Benjamin Button.
There were a few other strange anomolies that occurred and ultimately found our baby!
The Williams side of the family must also be represented, Eve , Glenn Christian & Dominic have done so much for us the last 10 days it’s only obvious our son should have this incredible name! Plus, it’s a ball player name!
I have always loved my last name Henderson, its another ball players name, its synonymous with kilted dress wearing men, Scotch Whiskey and a nation of pride-less warriors. Honest simple people who simply respect….
I am so glad you all have been so kind to us through this little rough patch, we love you! Now here’s the Williams and Hendersons youngest family member….

Benjamin Williams Henderson

Little Man
Baby Hendoo
Baby Hindu
Little Dude
She-Him whilst in Utero; pronounced Sheim

Since these initial events, we’ve had a plethora of appointments ranging from pediatrician, pediatric surgery, cardiology, dashes to the ER, genetics counseling & more.  We have been shown amazing support by our close friends, family and our local community.  Since his last surgery 6 weeks ago, we have been spending some really good time with him, getting him bulked up for the heart surgery coming up.  Since his original diagnosis, we have discovered that Ben has multiple other defects that will require in total, 5 surgeries…  We are days away from his open heart procedure and we are gearing up for an extremely emotional week.  Thanks again for visiting our pages and reading a little bit about my little family!

Greetings everyone.  Its been a minute since I’ve updated this page.  The great news is, there has been nothing abnormal to report.  We have been living!!!!  Ben has been thriving really well, greatly due to his amazing little spirit.  The kid is not only a warrior, but he is truly one of the happiest people I have ever known.  The last nine months, we threw Ben a celebration Concert and fundraising event for our family to help cover some of the expenses that we’ve incurred the first 13 months of his life.  The www.weBenJamin.com event was great fun and a success. 

The business had struggled during the mid 2015-mid 2016 year.  Was really hard starting and stopping operations for unknown amounts of time.  Our customers during this time were simply amazing, I received emails and messages from some of you wishing our family well, prayer support and the notions of sending us good vibes.  It was a very humbling time for all of us and I am very grateful to be back in action at the end of last year.  We will start to continue our marketing campaign that was laid out to start early 2015 the beginning of 2017.  i appreciate all of your support and I’ll get a few pictures up of us over the last nine months!  Much love…