Pedalboard Suit Case … How to…

We’re gonna give you the rundown on how and what to look for when trying to build a pedalboard suit case.  Highlighting important aspects of what and where to search for, when acquiring an old case to re-apropriate for pedalboard transport.  Size, construction quality, current condition, aesthetic appeal and required modifications are all factors that have to be analyzed.

  • Where Can I Find One?
  • Craigslist
  • Moms attic
  • Grandmas attic
  • Flea Market
  • Pawn Shop
  • Garage and Estate Sales
  • Antique Stores

  • Size
  • Well size does matter, and we need to look at what size pedalboard is going in the case.  This is actually step 1.  Vertical space is also an important factor in determining which case could work; we need to make sure the board will fit inside with pedals attached!  Are you going to re-upholster the interior of the case for extra protection?  If so, all the material thickness’ need to be accounted for; so as to determine the final size of the pedalboard.

  • Case Materials, Functions and Condition
  • Does the case look like it’s solidly built?  If its vintage, and still looks in good to decent shape, most likely it will last a great while longer.  “They don’t make em like they used” implies old school construction techniques and materials; when companies prided themselves on making high quality, long lasting products.  This is what were after!!

  • Hinges
  • How does the hinging system work, and does it still function?  Can you get away using it if they aren’t working perfectly?

  • Latches and Lid Stays
  • How are the latches, and do they work?  Does the case have lid stays, and do those work?

  • Handles
  • Does the case have decent functioning handle(s)?
    If there are more than one thing here missing or out of place, it may be best to keep move on and keep looking.

  • Aesthetic’s
  • Be firm as to what you expect this case to do for you.  Don’t settle on the first case you find.  There are plenty of them out there, you simply need to search them out.  Vintage styles are sought after for not only their timeless looks, but also their durability; it seems that stuff these days is built to break and replace.  So look at the case objectively, asking yourself if it can be cleaned up with ease, or will it require expertise, effort or money past what your capabilities are ..

  • Modifications Required
  • Does the case fit the pedalboard perfectly?  Will you need to add some interior protection such as foam or other material to protect your board, pedals and other accessories?  Do you need to replace any of the case hardware; latches, handles, lid stays or other functional piece that will make the case work for you?

    Brettuns Village is a great resource for parts and pieces for these types of projects.!!

    Procedures and Steps

  • Determine how big your pedalboard is going to be
  • Find a suitable case that meets all your criteria
  • Assess any damages and note down any modifications that you plan to make
  • Order parts and materials required to make necessary mods or repairs
  • Clean interior and/or exterior surface areas that require work
  • Make modifications using parts and pieces
  • Clean interior and exterior surfaces using appropriate cleaning agents
  • Use your new suitcase pedalboard case!

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