“Why West Coast Pedalboard?”

Since our first pedalboard was created, product development was at the forefront of this mission. Experimenting with many types of construction materials, tools, procedures, different parts and pieces in such a short time span elevated our small company far past our 2 year age. Pushing that effort along behind the scenes are some seriously amazing and talented people, who like myself, believe were onto some really great things in the Gear world. Great effort and wonderful feedback from customers, close friends and relatives helped to develop our product lines to the pro level. I’m truly honored and grateful to be at this level already, so every time the phone rings or an email comes in with a question from a potential or existing customer, I do a little dance. Every time we make a sale, no matter how big or small, i do the dance… A huge thanks to everyone.!

Choosing the correct materials, let alone finding the right materials has been, and is an ongoing task. On some of the Custom Shop builds, we source parts from as many as 15 different vendors to assemble 1 custom rig. Our product development phase is largely based on the “Made in the USA” factor. Working with small, medium and large vendors that carry a similar work and life code of ethics. Interviewing vendors, potential business partners and associates to find out their inner workings and business practice is crucial. We rely, sometimes heavily on our partners to provide a product or service that we then use to create your custom rig, an add-on part or piece of a packaged deal. When we give an estimate of cost, a time frame or any information that our customer needs to make a purchasing decision, its absolutely necessary that our partners info is 100% accurate. I demand it..!

In late 2013, Marc Reiser joined West Coast Pedalboard as Managing Partner. As much as I’d like to tell everyone what he did to elevate and accelerate our growth (in only 4 months)to the point that it is now, those are secrets ;-D.. Surmise to say, the man has MI6 level experience in launching and growing businesses, product development, finding and creating marketing channels, systems development, e-commerce, entrepreneurial coaching, staff training, Artist Relations, company branding or re-branding, plus other top secret stuff that we can’t talk about in a public setting. Many times I’ve found myself humbled after our bi-weekly conference calls. We talk about orders, issues, new product ideas, marketing efforts and our daily routine. From those conversations, he’s able to focus our efforts on those tasks, circling back when complete; then, on to the next list. BAM

Reliable and consistant communication, the fastest turnaround time for ANY and ALL Custom Pedalboards builders. Exclusive West Coast Pedal Board only features, extremely high quality control and form and function are large reason our customers choose our gear. It’s why we have repeat business from them, why our they refer their friends and family to us. I personally handle each order down to the detail, providing email and phone support pretty much 7 days a week. As I said before, we strive for perfection, not only with our building and products, but also in the way we run and manage this company.  My personal goal is these words, this verbiage resonates in what and how we do things now, and in our future.  Many thanks to all of our customers, fans, friends, family and future customers!!


Here is Marc with Tina Guo; running her through what we did for her custom cello rig..

tina guo's custom pedalboard and flight case

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