Professional level results are just a few clicks away…  West Coast Pedal Board’s online shop has made available every part required to build your own Custom Pedal board.  Useful resources, high quality parts, and technical support all in one spot!  Pedal Board Parts Store

We’ve been adding different parts, harness’, screw & cable management kits, complete tolex DIY kits, hardwood pedalboard kits since our start in 2012.  Over the past 5 years, we have become the world leader in pedalboard parts.  Our business model has inspired others to try and offer similar parts, but we have EVERYTHING, and at the best prices.  One look at our exclusive parts catalog, you’ll know why thousands of people trust our expertise, knowledge & vastly superior product offering.  We sell what we use to build all of our boards, everything is available including custom, customer specified requests.  Something that was created from my own necessity, has turned into an awesome resource for builders world wide!

I started WCPB by sourcing parts & pieces from all over the country.  It’s expensive to bring in material from (now in 2017) over 70 different vendors.  You can imagine that gets expensive & tedious to keep stock.  We’ve done all the part sourcing and quality control testing for you; its all in one place, so grab some parts, post some pics and I personally welcome you to the West Coast familia…!!

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